Cooling Tower
(Open Circuit)

Cooling Tower <br />(Open Circuit)
Cooling Tower <br />(Open Circuit)

Optional Features


  • Inverter control, variable airflow fan
  • Cr-Ni metal sheet body

  • Ability to connect to PC or building automation systems
  • Project-oriented solutions and flexibility in design


Cooling towers are used to provide water in industrial cooling systems. They provide cooling with two different liquids (water and the coolant) flowing in reversed direction to cool the area with the energy from the vaporization of the water. The body is made with corrosion-proof, galvanized steel sheet panels and stainless steel screws.

PVC fillings are custom formed to create minimum air resistance and maximum air and water contact and are fire-proof and detachable. The water system provides the homogeneous water distribution on the pulverized PVC filling surface. İmbat radial fan cooling towers include corrosion-proof, static and dynamic balanced double suction fans. The maintenance of the units are extremely easy. They can be removed with ease for a clean-up.


Modular Structure

Tower body is designed in the modular system. This way higher capacity than normal can be achieved with double body design.

High Efficiency

İmbat radial fan water cooling towers provide high efficiency with custom formed PVC filling, uniform water distribution systems and high-end radial fans.

Minimum Water Expenditure

PVC drop holders minimize the water expenditure by directing the water drops in the air circuit therefore allowing the fan to operate with decreased energy.