Water Chiller Unit
(Air Cooled)

Water Chiller Unit <br />(Air Cooled)
Water Chiller Unit <br />(Air Cooled)

Optional Features

  • Lowwater flow protection on the evaporator and the condenser
  • Remote control capability with PC or building automation system
  • Copper tube and copper fin type condenser
  • Copper tube and epoxy coated aluminium fin type condenser
  • Air cooled condenser and cage protection
  • Condenser pump circulation control with microprocessor evaporator
  • Models with low noise and vibration levels
  • Air cooled models with radial fans that are suitable for indoor
  • Heat pump models
  • Heat recovery and free cooling exchanger models
  • Models with remote condenser
  • Digital or DC inverter scroll compressor models
  • Custom design for special project and flexible production

Screw Compressor Water Chiller Units

Capacity range: 180-1850 Kw. Water temperature range: 5/+20 C. External temperature: up to 50°C Semi hermetic type, compact, helicoidal twin screw compressors control system is stepless capacity control. It has three phases and engine suction gas with two poles. All the chiller with screw compressors have minimum two compressors and independent cooling circuits for each compressors.

Piston Compressor Water Chiller Units
(R-407c, R-404a)

Capacity range: 20-450 Kw. Water temperature range: -25/+15 C. External temperature: up to +55°C The units have a wide range of usage areas and in especially lowwater temperature, provide high performance.

Scroll Compressor Water Chiller Units

Capacity range: 5-460 Kw. Water temperature range: -5/+20 C. External temperature: up to 55°C Asymmetrical compressor application where multiple compressors are connected to the same circuit is used in Scroll type cooling units. Two compressors with different capacities are connected to the same cooling circuit providing three steps capacity control.


Reliability, Long Life and Easy Operating

İmbat water chiller units include single water entry and exit with single or multiple gas circuits. The water carrier pipe type evaporators are protective against partial freezing possibility. The water cell is removable and the pipes can be cleaned mechanically. The compressors work in automated order providing equal aging in all compressors.

High Efficiency

İmbat water chiller units are designed to provide maximum energy efficiency with over 25 years of engineering expertise in the sector. All high efficiency features are provided as a standard in our units. This includes expansion valve, microprocessor control, high efficiency compressors and heat transfer surfaces on compressor and the condenser.

Asymmetrical Cooling

Is the application of using multiple capacity compressors on a single circuit cooling system. Since multiple compressors at different capacities are connected to a single evaporator and condenser circuit, condensation is performed at low temperatures and evaporation is performed at high temperatures under partial load. Multiple compressor systems tend to have a longer lifespan and energy saving features due to its step capacity control abilities.