Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery
Heat Recovery

Optional Features

  • Stepless capacity control
  • Smart automation solutions
  • High static pressure
  • Water or electrical heater
  • Project-oriented solutions and flexibility in design


The modern buildings are designed to have certain airflow in them. The comfort circumstances are directly connected to the indoor air quality and humidity levels. Therefore these units are designed to eliminate the CO2 and other poisonous gases and to provide the needed fresh air. The research projects indicate that the quality of living indoors is directly related to the air breathed in the room.

İmbat heat recovery exchangers provide the needed fresh air to the room and create energy efficiency by transferring the used air energy to the indoor output mechanism. This also decreases the initial investment and energy operating costs.


Indoor Air Quality

İmbat products expel the unusable air from indoors and filters in the required fresh air intake providing high quality air conditions. A CO2 emission is lowered to the absolute minimum help keeping the environment clean.

High Efficiency

İmbat units are designed to provide maximum energy efficiency. The exhausted unusable air transfers its energy to the fresh air intake, providing minimum energy expenditure. High efficiency plug fans also lower the energy waste.