Hygienic Type Air Conditioner

Hygienic Type Air Conditioner
Hygienic Type Air Conditioner

Optional Features

  • Run around coil heat recovery
  • H12 hepa filter
  • Condenser fan speed control
  • Hot water coil automation
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Electronic control panel that allows the unit to work in coordination with daily, weekly programming and fully automated operating system
  • Ability to connect to remote control and building automation systems
  • Water cooled models
  • Silenced models
  • Units suitable for low outdoor temperatures (up to 45°C)
  • Project-oriented solutions and flexibility in design

High Efficiency

The temperature, humidity and variable airflow control, cleanable and detachable cell structure, sterile air circulation, positive or negative pressurization, compactness and easy service opportunities are all factors at superior energy efficiency. EPDM gaskets are used to provide 100% leak-proof units which come with sight glass, damper engines, AISI 304 stainless steel condensation panel and drainage flush.

Hygiene Certificate

İmbat has the hygiene certificates of DIN EN 1964/4, EN 1886, EN 13053.

Application Area

These units are designed to operate in clean rooms, ER and OR, pharmaceutical rooms, laboratories, chemical storage rooms and space and flight industry.



İmbat hygienic units create the perfect conditions for comfort and hygiene. They eliminate the possibility of unwanted viruses, bacteria and particles while changing the outdoor air into a suitable and hygienic indoor air.
All the software and hardware is created and designed by the İmbat engineers.