Heat Pump Heat Recovery Unit

Heat Pump Heat Recovery Unit
Heat Pump Heat Recovery Unit

Optional Features

  • Stepless speed control
  • Smart automation solutions
  • High static pressure
  • Water or electrical heater
  • Project-oriented solutions and flexibility in design

İmbat heat pump heat recovery units are designed to provide high heat recovery values and high indoor quality levels. As the exhaust air is expelled from the system, it goes through the fresh air heat pump, creating energy efficiency.

It is not possible for the fresh air intake to be cooled into the internal air conditions with standard heat recovery units. İmbat heat recovery units on the other hand are able to provide the required internal air conditions with fresh air.

The systems consists of heat recovery exchanger, compressor, evaporator, condenser, fresh air fan, exhaust fan, filter, remote control panel and cooling equipment and is compact type in single body. The height of the unit is low and therefore can be easily applied to buildings with suspended ceiling applications. Service lids allow users to access to fan, engine, exchanger and filters. The condensed water is expelled via condensation surface and output pipes.


Indoor Air Quality

İmbat products expel the unusable air from indoors and filters in the required fresh air intake providing high quality air conditions. CO2 emissions is lowered to the absolute minimum help keeping the environment clean.

High Efficiency

İmbat units are designed to provide maximum energy efficiency. The exhausted unusable air transfers its energy to the fresh air intake, providing minimum energy expenditure.