Pool Dehumidification Unit

Pool Dehumidification Unit
Pool Dehumidification Unit

Optional Features

  • %100 fresh air and mixed air
  • Temperature, humidity and indoor air quality control
  • Low energy expenditure with EC or plug fans and variable airflow control
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Ability to connect to remote control and building automation systems
  • Two steps of filtration (G4+F7)
  • Silencer
  • Plate or rotor heat recovery
  • Suitable for low external temperatures (up to -45°C)
  • Project-oriented solutions and flexibility in design


İmbat pool dehumidification units are designed to be used in indoor pools, drying processes or any room that requires dehumidification. The units transfer the outdoor air to indoors making the air suitable for the required conditions along the way.

The units are designed to include; temperature, freezing and dirty filter censors and full automation with damper motors as a package unit. Internal and external parts are designed to be cleaned with ease.

The units are designed as package units that include fans, filters, heat recovery heat exchanger, direct expansion evaporator, heat pump, condenser coil, blend/output/suction dampers, optional silencers, condensation ceilings, drop holders, control panel, independent heat pump circuits, high efficiency scroll compressors, additional three ways valve, hot water coil, optional electric heater and all other necessary parts.


Heat Recovery

The heat that is created by the dehumidification and air conditioning process is transferred onto the fresh air and the heat recovery is provided.

High Efficiency

The dehumidification and air conditioning process operates uninterrupted with mechanical cooling systems and heat recovery option.

Asymmetrical Cooling

Is the application of using multiple capacity compressors on a single circuit cooling system.
Since multiple compressors at different capacities are connected to a single evaporator and condenser circuit, condensation is performed at low temperatures and evaporation is performed at high temperatures under partial load. Multiple compressor systems tend to have a longer lifespan and energy saving features due to its step capacity control abilities.