Optional Features

  • Ability to work with 100% fresh air
  • Plate and rotary type heat recovery systems
  • Variable airflow and energy efficiency with AC plug or EC fan models
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Smoke detector
  • Dirty filter alarm
  • Hot water, vapour or electric heating
  • Gas burner heating
  • Ability to set the fresh air ratio between 0 …100 % automatically
  • Thermal or entalphy free cooling (economizer)
  • CO2 indoor air quality control
  • Ability to connect to building management system
  • Three steps of filtration (G4+F7+F9)
  • Digital or inverter scroll compressors
  • Epoxy and hydrophilic coating on the evaporator and condenser coil surface
  • Condenser surface protection mesh
  • Water cooled condenser
  • Models suitable for extremely high ambient temperatures
  • Units with low noise levels
  • Custom design for special project and flexible production

Thermal or Enthalpy Free-Cooling (Economizer)

It is standard in all models with dual-supply&return fans. The unit saves energy by using 100% fresh air when the outdoor temperature is low and the humidity is suitable.

Indoor Air Quality

The indoor air quality is protected by high efficiency filters, dirty filter alarm and CO2 sensors. The CO2 sensor works in coordination with the economiser and the fresh air intake is automatically decided.

Gas Burner

With the rooftop air conditioners with gas burner, independent heating is possible without the necessity of any connection to a central system, even at the lowest climates. Maximum efficiency is obtained with aluminized steel pipe heat exchanger and the gas burner capable of working between 17-55 mbar range.

Energy Efficiency

The rooftop units provide high performance levels with low energy consumption. All of our models are listed in the A or B energy class. Therefore İmbat Rooftop units provide energy efficiency for the establishment and in the long run, the World.


Thermodynamic Heat Recovery

Heat recovery is provided by transmitting all the exhaust air over the condenser. The air temperature entering the condenser is lower than the external air temperature; therefore the condensation temperature is low. This creates high compressor efficiency and up to 30 % energy efficiency.

Asymmetrical Cooling

Is the application of using multiple capacity compressors on a single circuit cooling system.
Since multiple compressors at different capacities are connected to a single evaporator and condenser circuit. Under partial load, condensation is performed at low temperatures and evaporation is performed at high temperatures. In this system, 3 steps capacity control and up to 35% efficiency increase under partial load is obtained. Multiple compressor systems tend to have a longer lifespan and energy saving features due to its step capacity control abilities.
In only a very small amount of time the units operate at maximum capacity. Thus, asymmetric cooling application is vital for energy efficiency.

Dual Skin Galvanised Body

Unit body is stone wool isolated and is in between two galvanized metal sheet surfaces. The outer body is electrostatically painted and galvanised. The insulated double galvanised surface provides low heat loss, long life, durability and fire endurance.